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Search & our Registered Trade Mark CoinsGoldSilver
 are owned and operated by  JSTJ HOLDINGS INC.
A Federal Canadian Incorporated Company since 2005 based in Ottawa.
Our US address is:  JstJ Holdings Inc. 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5040  Valley Cootage NY 10989
We are located on St-Laurent Blvd. in Ottawa On Canada. We are on file and approved by major Canadian Banks for Bill Payment we have been with PayPal for since 1996.
 All our coins are in a bank vault at Scotiabank : we can only access the coins on reqgular business days
which means if you order on a weekend , it could delay shipping by a few days.
 Email: contact Us                                 I personally guarantee your satisfaction  JstJ2
Tel: 613-297-9828                           
Gives us a try: you won't be disappointed.