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Private Auction

Place a Bid On A Coin You Want !
We sometimes have an overstock of certain coins and if we can gain
 a new customer or help an existing one by considering an offer we will do it.
Everyday is auction day with fast results, no waiting.
             "This is a one on one auction - No need to wait a week to get a result"
"When we accept your bid, you are the highest bidder "
What is a Private Auction ? 
 Here you can place a bid / make an offer on a coin you want. There is no waiting a week or more for results and going back several times to see how your bid is doing.
This is a One on One Auction.
Your bid is considered and you get an answer within one business day. Depending on the coin and the inventory you could get a good deal.
We have followed ebay, in most cases the prices end up close to retail and we understand that because the profit on coins is limited and they must cover listing fees and processing fees.
*Complete the form * Coins bids are limited to one coin at a time
*You can make an offer on most coins except bullion coins.
* The offer must be reasonable. * Free Shipping is Std post office.
* Packaging is plastic case  * Some coins are not available for auction
* If we accept your offer we will email you with payment instructions.
You will need to register in order to log-in and complete the purchase at the agreed price
on a special order page set-up for you.
Items available for auction have a small gavel
You will hear from us within one business day.
Private Auction - Place Your Bid