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Security Features For Your Customers' Needs    nc

SSL  (Secure Sockets Layer) is the transaction security protocol used by websites to protect online communications. The most common use of SSL is to provide protection for confidential data, such as personal details or credit card information, entered into a website.


State-of-the-Art Data Encryption lock
Encryption is the process of changing data into a form that can be read only by the intended receiver. To decipher the message, the receiver of the encrypted data must have the proper decryption key. In traditional encryption schemes, the sender and the receiver use the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. Public-key encryption schemes use two keys: a public key, which anyone may use, and a corresponding private key, which is possessed only by the person who created it. With this method, anyone may send a message encrypted with the owner's public key, but only the owner has the private key necessary to decrypt it. The 256 Bit tells users that the size of the encryption key used to encrypt the data being passed between a Web browser and Web server is 256 Bits in size. Because the size of the 256 Bit key is large it is computationally unfeasible to crack and hence is known as strong SSL security.

Domain Validation (DV) Certificates

DV Certificates are issued only after verifying/ confirming the registrant or person who registered the domain name originally. This is done by using currently established and accepted vetting process, such as an email based communication to confirm the information. nsProtectâ„¢ Secure Xpress Certificates are validated and issued only after completion of verification process and base on system availability.

https    https: ( appears at checkout )

This is one of three visual signs of security that comes with all of Network Solutions SSL Certificates. In every Web address it starts with http://www. but with an SSL Certificate it makes the site secure so the 's' is added to the end of the https://www.

palock addressPadlock or Closed Padlock Symbol ( appears at checkout )

This is one of three visual signs of security that comes with all of Network Solutions SSL Certificates. In most address bar areas you can find an emblem that looks like a padlock, which only a key can open. This symbol shows customers that this website  is secured by an SSL Certificate.


Guarantees are included with all Network Solutions SSL Certificates. A guarantee is incorporated into each SSL Certificate to provide your website visitors a level of comfort and assurance that if your customers incur monetary losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction they will be compensated. If the loss is a result of a miss-issued Certificate, your customer will receive reimbursement up to $1 Million.

nsProtectâ„¢ Secure SSL Certificates  and the nsProtectâ„¢ Assured Site Seal aggregate guarantee amount is $50,000